Keio Futsubu School

About Keio Futsubu School

Keio Futsubu is a private junior high school, providing an education for boys from 12 years old to 15.

It was opened in 1898, although the original six-year course was named Futsubu by the founder FUKUZAWA Yukichi (10 January 1835 – 3 February 1901) when Keio started tertiary education in 1890. His portrait can be seen with the Japanese 10,000 yen banknote since 1984.

The school has occupied an integral part in the whole educational system of Keio ranging from primary school to university. Since 1947 Futsubu has been a school offering three-year lower secondary education.

Today Futsubu has about 700 boys who devote themselves to various aspects of school life, which include their regular courses of study, club activities, annual events, and other extracurricular activities such as special lectures and concerts. The students are offered many opportunities of learning in order to develop their individual abilities. They can learn to improve themselves actively through their life in Futsubu.